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  • Browser Extension Privacy Policy (DNSChecker.Org)

    Last Updated: April 28, 2021

    The privacy policy illustrates how your personal information is gathered, used, and shared when you download and use the Browser Extension of DNSCHECKER.ORG.

    Scope of Privacy Policy

    By downloading, installing, or using our Browser Extension, you accept and agree to our privacy policy, integrated into DNSCHECKER.ORG's Terms of Service, and relates to the information acquired by us through your use of our Browser Extension.

    As DNSCHECKER.ORG continues to improve its services, we may need to update the privacy policy according to changes in our Browser Extension, services, business, and laws related to you and us.

    We will, however, always have our commitment to value and protect your privacy. We will promptly notify you of any changes that may affect your rights under this policy either via email or post any other modifications to this policy, along with their effective date, on our website.

    Therefore, you are advised to frequently visit the website and review the privacy policy for any updates.

    Please note that your continued use of Browser Extension after any update means that you agree with the changes and consent to be bound by the new policy. If you don't agree with any of the policy changes and do not want your data to be subject to it, you will need to uninstall our Browser Extension.

    Data collection

    Neither we collect nor we store any identifiable information about you. However, you must know how we process the data from your computer, where the Browser Extension is installed.

    For every URL you access while using our Browser Extension. We automatically collect a group of data, includes

    • Your IP address and its location
    • The URL you visit
    • The page content available on the visited URL

    We require that information to improve and enhance the functionality of our Browser Extension.

    We do not use third-party services like Google Analytics to collect the statistics. 

    We may view the user content if we find that the Terms of Service has been violated. Or maybe considered where there is a need to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of DNSCHECKER.ORG and its users or conform with our legal obligations, such as responding to any legal processed like warrants court orders.

    Third-party Disclosure

    DNSCHECKER.ORG does not share, rent or sell your personal or any specific information with third-party services or the public. 

    We never share any information about how our user navigates the extension or their browsing pattern with advertisers, business partners, sponsors, and other third parties.

    If you want to disable data collection by our Browser Extension, you need to uninstall it from your browser. 

    The Browser Extension is automatically disabled when the user browses in a private window or mode unless the user chooses to run our browser extension in private or incognito mode.

    Information about visited URLs 

    The Browser Extension has access to all the URLs and content you visited through the browser where it is installed.

    No resale or redistribution of service

    Unless as expressly authorized by DNSCHECKER.ORG, you agree not to modify, reproduce, copy, duplicate, trade, sell, resell, create derivative works of any portion of the Browser Extension for your commercial use.

    Using our Browser Extension does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our services or the content you access.

    Blocking of IP addresses

    DNSCHECKER.ORG reserves the right at any time to block its registrants or members' IP addresses from accessing the extension to protect the Browser Extension integrity.

    If we block your IP due to your violation of the Terms of Service, you may contact us for unblocking your IP. Our administrators will review such requests according to our legal obligations.