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MAC Address Lookup

MAC Address Lookup provides information about any MAC Address of a networking card installed into your computer or any other device. MAC Address can be located on the networking card box or through the operating system after it installs in the computer. You can view your networking card MAC Address by typing ipconfig /all in the command prompt in any windows version. The field "Physical Address" indicates your networking card MAC Address. Type that addresses here to look it up.

Enter any MAC Address or OUI to check its vendor or enter a vendor name to check its MAC Address ranges and details.

About MAC Address Lookup Tool

MAC Address Lookup Tool searches your MAC Address or OUI in the MAC Address Vendor Database. The MAC Address Vendor Database consists of a list of mac addresses of all devices manufactured to date.

How to perform the MAC Address Vendor Lookup?

The MAC Vendor Lookup finds the MAC Address from this database and tells us which manufacturer originally manufactured this device and what is the prefix and postfix of a given MAC Address. Moreover, it tells us what country this device was manufactured in. All this information is helpful if you want to verify the generated mac address with the original vendor of this device in the OUI vendor database.

To perform the MAC Address Vendor Lookup, perform the following steps

  • Open the MAC Address Lookup
  • Enter the MAC Address or OUI.
  • The tool finds the MAC address from the MAC Address Vendor Database and displays the manufacturer originally manufactured this device.

Note: The MAC Address Lookup provides you with information on the OUIs that are registered and assigned by IEEE. However, in some cases, if you want to generate the fake MAC Address for your testing purposes, you can use the MAC Generator.

How to get a list of all MAC Addresses of a vendor?

To get a list of all MAC Addresses of a particular vendor (Suppose “Hewlett Packard”). Enter the vendor name in our MAC Address lookup. The MAC identifier will fetch a particular vendor's MAC Addresses and display the results.

What is a MAC Address?

MAC Address or media access control address is a unique ID assigned to network interface cards (NICs). It is also known as a physical or hardware address. It identifies the hardware manufacturer and is used for network communication between devices in a network segment. MAC Address usually consists of six groups of two hexadecimal digits.

The network adapters or network interface cards always come with a MAC Address fed into hardware, usually in read-only memory (ROM) or BIOS system. The physical address is stored in the NIC by its manufacturer, which is why it is also called a burned-in address (BIA) or ethernet hardware address. There are several NIC manufacturers; some well-known are Dell, Cisco, and Belkin.

What is an OUI?

The first three sets of two hexadecimal numbers in a MAC Address identify the card manufacturer, and this number is called OUI (organizationally unique identifier). OUI is always the same for NICs manufactured by the same company. For example, let's say a network card manufactured by dell has a physical address: 00-14-22-04-25-37. In this address, 00-14-22 is Dell's OUI, which identifies that the device is by Dell. It may be interesting to know that all the OUIs are registered and assigned to the manufacturers by IEEE.

How to Find Your Device MAC Address (My MAC Address)?

To find MAC Address, see the instructions given below for popular operating systems.

How to Find MAC Address in Windows?

  • Go to Command Prompt
      • Press Windows + R
      • Type cmd and press Enter


    • Click Start Button
    • Type cmd and press Enter
  • In Command Prompt, type ipconfig/all and press Enter
  • And locate for the "Physical Address" or "HWaddr" field. The Physical Address should be in format M:M:M:S:S:S. For example: 00-14-22-04-25-37

How to Find MAC Address in MacOS?

  • Click on Apple Menu (usually on top left corner), and click System Preferences
  • In System Preferences, click View menu and select Network
  • In the Network window that just opened, click the Wi-Fi, Ethernet , or Airport icon on left.
  • Now click Advanced on bottom right.
  • From the upper menu, click Hardware, and look for MAC Address field.
  • Your MAC Address should be in the format: M:M:M:S:S:S. For example: 00-14-22-04-25-37

How to Find MAC Address in Linux or Unix?

  • Perform the following as super user (or with appropriate permissions)
    • Type ifconfig -a
    • Look for "eth0". This is your default ethernet adapter
    • Now locate the field "HWaddr". The value displayed next to it is your MAC Address.
    • Your MAC Address should be in this format: 00-14-22-04-25-37

How to Find MAC Address in iOS?

  • Open Settings app.
  • Tap on General the option in settings.
  • Now tap on About the option.
  • Locate the field Wi-Fi Address
  • The value against this field is your MAC Address
  • Your MAC Address should be in the format: M:M:M:S:S:S. For example: 00-14-22-04-25-37

Finding a MAC Address in Android

  • Method 1:
    • Open Settings app.
    • Select the option Wireless & Networks
    • Select Wi-Fi Settings
    • Select Advanced, and your wireless network card's MAC Address should appear here.
  • Method 2:
    • Open Settings app.
    • Select the option About Device
    • Tap on the option Hardware Info
    • Select Advanced, and your wireless network card's MAC Address should appear here.

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