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IP Tools

IP tools solve your online IP related problems. Whether it's an online IP WHOIS lookup or an ipv6 WHOIS lookup, all IP related tools are here. Our IP tools tell your IP address, you can also find out the IP location of any number of IP's as well as tracking the location of those IP addresses with our integrated geo IP services. Our tools also check any entered IP for ip blacklist check in anti-spam databases which tells whether your IP or server IP is under a ban from different services or not.

Developer Tools

Developer tools are built especially for website developers (who are working on website projects) to make their daily tasks easy and to avoid the hassle of installing various software in the computer to perform minor tasks which are possible without installing software and wasting time to set them up. Whether it's generating random passwords or checking website HTTP headers or operating system of the website's backend server, all is here to meet your needs.

Webmasters Tools

Tools for webmasters help website owners and developers to analyze their website performance regarding various analytics, whether it is checking your website's page rank or Alexa rank, or checking other online metrics related to any domain.

Network Tools

Network tools provide network related services, and these services may include checking open ports, i.e. TCP & UDP ports scanning and OUI lookup , i.e. checking vendors of any device using it's MAC address or an ASN lookup which tells you complete info about any ASN number, and many more tools regarding networking and networking parameters.

Cyber Security Tools

Cyber Security Tools are intended for ensuring your websites are secure and meeting international security standards. It contains tools for website security checkup and identifying any vulnerabilities in site. It has become the need of time to regularly to get a security health checkup of your websites to avoid any data loss or hacking and attacking.

Downloading Tools

Downloading tools offers various downloaders for video hosting websites. You need to paste the link and these tools fetches the download links so you can save your favorite videos from the top video streaming sites.

Why DNS Checker?

DNS Checker provides a one-stop solution for all your website initial setup needs or whenever you want to transfer your domain to a new server or hosting. Our service provides free lookup regarding your Domain name system records. These records are necessary to set up whenever you register a new domain or want to transfer your existing domain to a new server on existing hosting or a new hosting. These records once entered and saved to your domain are propagated towards hundreds and thousands of DNS servers around the world. Those DNS servers gather updated data every several minutes to several hours depending on their own will. The records once updated by the DNS servers automatically propagate to users who are using those DNS servers. It depends on the user that which DNS server they want to use for their internet network. There are many free public dns servers available in the market which anyone can configure within their network or computer devices.

Which tools does DNS Checker offer?

DNS Checker offers a wide variety of tools related to the website's initial setup, i.e. after registering a new domain or transferring an existing domain to new server. With initial setup tools, we offer you free DNS checking service, which tells you all the domain name system records which you have saved in your hosting provider interface against your domain name.

We also offer tools related to an IP Address. IP address means internet protocol address which facilitates each network request sent or received from or into your computer. The IP tools include various IP lookups which includes checking WHOIS details of an IP address, whether it's an ipv4 or ipv6 address. More IP tools include checking your IP Address assigned to you by your internet service provider. If you want to check the physical location of an IP address, it is also possible with our ip location tool which instantly checks the location of any number of entered IP addresses and pinpoints their location on a map with help of latitude and longitude coordinates found from the various geo IP databases against the entered IP address.

You can also trace any email sender through pasting the source of email address with our free email sender location tool for tracking the location of the original sender of an email.

Our IP tools contain blacklist check which finds entered IP Address in 50+ anti-spam databases to check either it's blacklisted or not.

How our tools work?

We develop tools keeping in mind the ease of users. The DNS tools query servers to collect various data from multiple data centers around different corners of the world. The records once gathered are processed by applying various security checks and bug fixing to rectify any errors in the data, and then the final output is shown to the user after internal data processing is complete. For IP tools, we query the public IP whois and geolocation services, and the data taken from them is processed from raw form to organized data chunks to show in a proper format.