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  • Password Encryption Utility

    Password encryption utility helps developers and webmasters to encrypt passwords with standard encryption algorithms. The algorithms used are two-way encryption, which means they can be decoded later with the same algorithm. The passwords encrypted with this utility are useful for storing in databases, etc.

    Enter any Password or Text to encrypt it with standard encryption algorithms. The input is taken and encrypted with each algorithm separately and shown with encryption algorithm name.

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  • About Password Encryption Utility

    Passwords are a sensitive thing and should not be stored as it is. They should be encrypted first before saving in databases. So that whenever they are needed to be cross-checked, it can be done within a program. The online password encryption or text encryption utility utilizes the power of the famous encryption algorithms and encodes a given text with five most popular encryption techniques.

    The encryption techniques most commonly used are MD5 encoding, Base64 encoding, UUencode, SHA1, and Standard DES encryption. Some of these are non-decodable such as MD5 encoding is one-way encryption and is most commonly used for storing passwords in database.

    All the above encryptions are applied to the given text separately and then shown as a result.