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Password generator tool generates most-secure and un-hackable short and long length passwords. We never store any password, and all password limits to your browser only and no password are sent outside your browser to any server in any way. You do not have to worry about security and can use these passwords in any of your online accounts or projects.

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About Random Password Generator Tool

Create extra-secure passwords instantly. Password Generator generates the most secure and un-hackable short and long length passwords. We never store any passwords. All password limits to your browser only. No passwords are shared out of your browser to any server in any way. You do not have to worry about security and can use these passwords in any of your online accounts or projects.

Importance of Password Generator Tool

One of the biggest challenges internet users are currently facing is a security threat. If you have a social media, email, or online shopping account, you are always concerned about getting hacked.

The motive behind a secure password generator is to prevent unauthorized access.

Therefore, in simple words, a password is a string of characters or secret code that facilitates your admission to any app or device. So your security is not being compromised. It not only protect and secure your personal information, but it also ensures your privacy on your phone.

We generally keep passwords that are simple and easy to remember. We mainly use our date of birth, contact info, or anything related to our life to make the password as simple as possible. But do you know that 85% of the hacking attempts are the result of a weak password.

A password suggestion tool helps you generate a solid and secure random password that both humans and computers are hard to crack.

The main reason for generating a strong password is keeping our secrecy and protecting our personal or valuable data from hacking.

One of the biggest challenges while creating an account on any online platform or app is to make that account with a secure password. The main reason behind that practice is that no one can access your account or any other valuable information without your permission. However, after account creation, it's up to that person whether they want to share that password with another person or not.

Why do we need a strong random password?

In August 2013, due to a security breach, Yahoo's 3 billion accounts information got exposed. In November 2019, Alibaba, 1.1 billion pieces of user data got exposed. And such news keeps coming.

There are more than 4.6 billion active internet users, and most of them are connected through their mobile devices. Our mobile devices are personal information bags that we carry everywhere. They have our financial, social media, and personal information. You can download several apps from the app store to upload your personal information.

Similarly, Dropbox and Google Drive provide their smartphone apps to upload your data to the cloud. No doubt, with time, these apps take preventive measures to keep them secure from security threats. But hackers are always searching for vulnerabilities. Therefore, a user must secure one's authentication credentials.

Even if a device or account is already protected by a password, changing the old password becomes necessary for the following reasons.

  • You forget your password.
  • By mistake, you shared your password with another person, or you give access to other people to your info.
  • The app, an online store, or website on which you have an account, had a data breach.

What are the common mistakes that we make while creating a password?

  • We primarily use the same password and security questions for our essential accounts.
  • While creating the password, our focus is to make the password linked with our daily life events. Like our birth date, our contact info, our pet name, etc.
  • We primarily use the dictionary attractive words in the password generation.

Therefore, to secure your account, perform the following checklist.

  1. Do not use the same password and same security questions for your important accounts.
  2. A strong password should be a minimum of 16 characters. It must include uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and special symbols.
  3. Do not use your birth date, name of your family, pet's name, or personal info in your password.
  4. Do not use a postcode, phone number, ID card number, social security number in your password.
  5. Do not use a dictionary or everyday use words in your password.
  6. Do not use two passwords with almost the same character pattern.
  7. Do not allow web browsers to save your password.
  8. Do not log in to your essential accounts on some other's device.
  9. Do not create an account on a website that is not SSL secured.
  10. It's recommended to change your password after 12 weeks.
  11. Encrypt and backup your passwords at different locations, so if you cannot access your computer or account, you can retrieve your password.
  12. Turn on the two-step authentication, where possible.
  13. Protect your computer with a firewall and antivirus software.
  14. Keep your operating systems and web browsers up to date.
  15. You can encrypt your internet connection. You can use the VPN with protocols like WireGuard on your server and connect to it.

How to create Secure Password with Strong Password Generator Tool?

Random Password Generator is a free online tool that facilitates generating a secure and safe password to safeguard your essential data and prevent data leaks.

To use that tool, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Random Password Suggestion Tool.
  • The tool provides you several options to select to make your password more secure.
  • Select the Password Length and the number of passwords to generate.
  • The tool automatically generates the password as per your chosen criteria.
  • Please copy that password, and if you want to re-generate, click on the "Re-Generate" button.

WPA Password Generator

Like the quick password generator above, this generator creates passwords with lengths ideal for WPA Wi-Fi networks.

Three options are available, Short (12), Long (32), Max (63).

Click on any of these three options to generate the password of that length.

Benefits of using our Password Generator

  • Random Password Generator is a free online tool that generates short, medium, and long-length passwords. Users can use it anywhere in their accounts or projects without worrying about leakage.
  • All passwords generated through this tool are kept safe with your browser only. No password is sent to the server or anywhere outside your computer in any way.
  • You can specify conditions for generating your passwords, i.e., whether or not you want to use special characters while generating a password, use both upper case or lower case letters, or use numbers in your password.
  • You can also select to use only primary special characters or want to use advanced special characters too.
  • You also can create a password with unique characters so that the password becomes more secure and un-hackable.
  • Your password can skip similar-looking characters from the password.
  • If you want to create more than one password, you can specify the number of passwords you want to make.

Some of the best password managers are