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    Generate any QR Code Instantly with this amazing QR Code Generator. Just select a data type of your choice and enter data into the given field and submit to generate QR code instantly. You can download it and share it with anyone to share your desired text with somebody in the form of QR.

  • QR Code Generator

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    QR Code stands for Quick Response code, which was launched in 1994 for the Japan automotive industry. It is a matrix barcode that was initially used for automotive labeling machinery with a part number or manufacturer information, such as a website or address. Its usability increased with time due to its smart readability and large storage capacity.

    The QR Code Generator instantly generates a QR Code for any given text. Even you can generate a QR Code for vcard, URL, plain text, email address, or an SMS message. The vcard can be shared among different mobile devices without caring for the vcard file type compatibility. QR code is a standardized code that can be easily read on any smartphone device using a QR code reader application.