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Morse Code Reader - Instantly Translate Morse Code

The Morse code translator works as

  • Morse Code Decoder: Translate Morse code to text
  • Morse Code Encoder: Translate text to Morse code

Morse code encoder & decoder: A complete guide

Being a social media user or an authorized person, using Morse code helps connect with your audience and keep secrets. In this modern era, you might have wondered, "Why old school things are still on the go?" A simple answer to this is the advancements and usage turn.

You'll be surprised to know that people around the globe still use the Morse coding method to communicate. However, we cannot consider it a common medium, but still handy.

Let's discover more amazing facts about Morse code and Morse code translators.

Morse code: An old way of communication

In 1820, with the development of telegram systems and the determination of electromagnetism, an inventor named Samuel Morse and his coworkers proposed a telegram system.

The invented telegram system used both silence patterns and electrical pulses. The receiver marks electrical pulses on the paper tape as received, and the operators encode them into text messages.

Later on, Alfred Vall (a coworker of Samuel Morse) designated shortcodes to English words based on letter frequency. These codes, also known as Morse code sequences/ landline codes, were practically used in 1844.

Afterward, the translation of every code seemed overwhelming, and the operators started translating codes using sound patterns. And thus, the era of paper tapes ended with adapting the Morse code.

Moreover, the improved version of the Morse code was used for the first time in 1848. But in 1865, it was considered the International Morse Code Standard, and people around the globe are still using it.

What is Morse code?

Morse code is a character-based scheme or coding system consisting of short and long electrical pulses. The Morse code comprises the following characters;

  • Dots .
  • Dashes -
  • Slash /
  • Hash #

Dots and dashes represent letters. While slashes are word separators, a hash is used for untranslatable characters. To separate letters, the space command is used.

Morse code system

The following tables contain the Morse code 26 letters and 10 numerals

International Morse code for English alphabets

A .- K -.- U ..-
B -.. L .-.. V ...-
C -.-. M -- W .--
D -.. N -. X -..-
E . O --- Y -.--
F ..-. P .--. Z --..
G --. Q --.-    
H .... R .-.    
I .. S ...    
J .--- T --    

International Morse code for numbers

0 -----
1 .----
2 ..---
3 ...--
4 ....-
5 .....
6 -....
7 --...
8 ---..
9 ----.

Morse code: Transmitting ways

In history, the Morse code was considered the first-ever digital code. Subsequently, this coding system is transmitted in various ways, such as;

  • Electrical pulses (as discussed earlier)
  • Mechanical
  • Flashlight
  • Sound patterns

You'll be shocked to know that people in mines use Morse Code for rescue operations simply by withdrawing the rope.

Morse code: Measuring speed

A common way to measure the speed of Morse code is by counting the number of words each minute (WPM). However, the word length, as well as letter dot lengths, vary.

Let's identify the time frame or structure to calculate the Morse code speed.

Dot is a fundamental character in Morse coding. And other elements, such as dash and space between letters and words, are multiple products of the dot. For instance, a dot equals one unit; the dash will be thrice of dot length, i.e., 1 x 3 = 3.

Similarly, the space between letters will be three times the dot length. While the unit length of space between elements remains the same as the dot length. And lastly, the space between words will multiply seven times the dot length.

Dash length 1 x 3 = 3
Space between letters 1 x 3 = 3
Space between elements 1 x 3 = 3
Space between words 1 x 7 = 7

Let's find the unit length of the word "Box"


-... --- -..-

Morse code speed

7 dashes equals to 3 x 7 = 21
4 dots equals to 4 x 1 = 4
2 letter's space equals to 2 x 3 = 6
8 elements space equals to 8 x 1 = 8
1 Word equals to 7

Summing up, the total count equals 46, which means the unit length of this word is 46. However, the 50 times unit length means Morse speed is 1 WPM (Word Per Minute) in one minute.

Therefore, the word "box" has a speed lower than 1 WPM.

Now let's come to some more technical but easy work. I mean, it's time to discuss...

Morse Code Decoder

You want to spend only a few hours decoding a single message. Therefore, you can instantly decode Morse code with a morse decoder.

You can encode or decode the Morse code with free and unlimited access to the tool. Instead of learning intricate processes, use Morse Code by DNS Checker and get accurate results instantly. Its interface is straightforward to use

However, head over to the next section to understand further.

How to translate Morse code with a Morse translator?

You don't have to sit for hours encoding or decoding messages in Morse code. Instead follow the mentioned steps to get your desired results;

  1. Open the Morse Code Translator. Your screen will show you two boxes.
  2. You can convert a simple message or string into a Morse code. For example;
  3. You can paste the code into the other box if you have Morse code to convert into text.
  4. You are also given other options such as play, pause, stop, etc.
  5. After converting the desired text or code, you can download the results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I learn Morse code?

Morse coding can be learned via Morse audios and scripts available on multiple websites, depending on your sources. Plus, you can learn Morse code using G keyboard 2022 by simply searching for learning Morse code and practicing the Google Creative lab exercises for Morse code.

How can I translate Morse code?

You can convert every symbol into a respective character or letter if you know how to decode dots and dashes in the Morse code. However, find the best Morse Code Translator to decode your given Morse code into text within seconds if you find it hard.