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Image to text converter by DNSChecker extracts text from the image with OCR. Copy text from the image with our free photo to text converter online.

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Image to Text Converter Tool - Convert Image to Text

Our image to text converter is an intuitive tool that converts images to text. The tool turns images into text with the help of advanced “optical character recognition” OCR algorithms. It primarily works to extract text from images or scanned documents, making it easier for you to convert images into machine-readable data.

How our picture to text converter helps to digitize document files and simplifies data processing?

Using our tool, you can extract from any image, PDF, or scanned file. Just upload the image file and see how effectively our tool recognizes each character written on it and gets text from the image. Our tool will extract all the text within seconds and let you use it without hassle.

The tool makes sure to extract the text from images without errors. It never misses out on any information and ensures the text is appropriately laid out upon retrieval. From the wording to the layout, our tool takes care of everything essential to maintain the quality of the extracted text.

You can do it easily if you need to extract text for data processing or analysis. Our tool best facilitates data entry specialists, language researchers, content creators, students, and even teachers.

Just take a picture of the data you want in editable form and process it through our picture to text converter. You’ll get the “machine-readable” version of your image text which you can edit, save, and share however you like.

Anyone can use our image to word converter without signup or premium subscription.

It can extract text from any image format, such as:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • GIF

How does Our tool work to extract text from images?

Our tool conforms to the advanced algorithms of “optical character recognition” OCR technology to facilitate text extraction from images. Our tool handles everything with extra care, from processing images to identifying language choices and text retrieval. You can rely on our converter, as it works best to ensure you get your data the way you want.

Take into account that our image to text converter works in three steps which are explained as follows:

Understand text layout

First, our tool will process the image thoroughly and determine its text layout. Everything is analyzed, including the image background, paragraphing format, and text pattern.

Recognize each character

Once the areas where text is placed have been identified and the layout is also determined, our tool focuses on detecting the language and recognizing each character and word, respectively.

Extract written text

After recognizing each word, our photo to word converter extracts all the written data from the image. It makes sure to extract the text in the specified layout without skipping any word or phrase.

How to use our photo to word Converter?

Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to extract and copy text from photos with our tool:

STEP 1: Upload the Image

You can choose any of the following methods to enter the image:

  • Paste the URL of the image
  • Upload the image file from the computer or mobile system
  • Insert the image via Google Drive
  • Directly drag & drop the image

STEP 2: Run the tool

You must click “Extract Text” to run our photo to word converter and ensure the textual data is immediately retrieved from the image.

STEP 3: Get the text

As you run our tool, the OCR technology will immediately process the image and display the extracted text on your screen. Its special algorithms will ensure text extraction without changing wording and layout.

You can easily copy or download the extracted text for later use. To find similar images to the uploaded one, you can use a photo finder for reverse image search.

Why use our image to text converter?

Several features demonstrate the effectiveness of our tool. From ensuring accuracy to efficiency, our tool offers everything you need to extract text from images without the hassle. You can efficiently perform jpg or png to text without hassle. It works accurately to ensure that your scanned or photographed documents are effectively converted into editable and searchable text format.

Check out the following to gain insights about why you should use our tool for image-to-text conversion:

User-friendly interface

Image-to-text conversion is not easier; this is why the tool you use for this purpose must be highly functional. Our tool’s easy-to-use functions allow you to extract text from images without errors or delays. You can conveniently understand how it works and use it to your advantage just as you want. You can perform jpg to text, png to text, image to text, copy text from the image, extract text from the image, photo to text conversion, photo to word conversion, convert image to words, and many more without paying any subscription and in a few clicks.

Accurate text extraction

When you use our tool to extract text from images, there will be no change in the layout, and all the information will be displayed as it is. It will make sure to recognize each character and word without typographical errors. Thus, you can rest assured as our image to text extract text from images with high-level precision and accuracy.

Multiple language support

There’s a possibility that you need to extract text in a language other than English. In such a case, our image to text has you all covered. No matter in which language the text is written on the image, our tool will take no time to recognize it and complete the process accordingly. Just specify the language before running our photo to text converter.

Multi-format compatibility

Using our tool, you can extract text from multiple image formats, including JPG, JPEG, and PNG. In addition, you can extract text from PDF files also. Indeed, our tool is powerful enough to process any type of scanned or snapped file and facilitate JPG to text, PNG to text, and PDF to text conversion.

One-click downloading

Once you upload the image, specify the requirements, and run our tool, the desired results will be displayed without downtime. It will convert images into words and display the extracted text right away. Most importantly, it will enable you to copy the text without hassle. You can download the text to save it in your system for later use.

Why should one consider DNSCHECKER image to text converter? who can benefit from that?

From data entry specialists to students, every person who deals with documentation can use our tool.

It is important to note that our tool is based on a brilliant technology that has streamlined data processing. Undoubtedly, our tool automates text extraction and saves us hours of effort we need to spend manually typing data. It takes a few clicks to convert scanned documents, such as books, class notes, or legal documents, into machine-readable “editable” text files.

There’s surely no limit to the uses and benefits of our OCR-based image to word converter. It offers a great deal of convenience to every person who needs to process, edit, and store data in the computer system. It works quickly so that you can convert images to words within seconds.

Let us provide you with valuable insights about who can benefit from our image to text converter and how:

Business sectors

No matter your business type, there must be loads of paperwork. Rather than manually typing all the data in the computer system, you can simply scan and process it through the image to text tool. For your ease, our tool will convert your scanned documents into editable text files, which you can easily modify and store in your system.

Education departments

Whether you are a student, teacher, or someone who works in administration, there’s a lot that you can do with our tool. Let’s suppose you have handwritten notes that you need in editable form. Simply take a picture of the notes and process it through our tool. You’ll be surprised to see how effectively our tool will extract and present all the data in textual form.

Healthcare centers

There’s an excellent need for OCR processing in healthcare centers because they must record every patient. The best way to do this is to digitize all the patient documents. If you are a data entry specialist in a healthcare department, you can snap or scan the patient records and process them through our image to text to get their editable version immediately.


How can I extract content from social media?

During social media surfing, you may encounter compelling images on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can convert these social media files to text, and you can use this text wherever you need.

How can I convert JPG to Text?

Our JPG to Text converter makes the process relatively easy and requires a few steps to convert JPG to word. Upload a JPG file. With just a single click, you can quickly convert images into text with great accuracy.

How can I convert PNG to Text?

Our PNG to Text converter makes the process relatively easy and requires a few steps to follow to convert PNG to word. Upload a PNG file. With just a single click, you can quickly convert images into text with great accuracy.

How can I convert scanned handwriting to text?

Our scanned handwriting-to-text converter makes the process relatively easy and requires a few steps. To convert your scanned handwriting to text, upload your images into our Image to text converter tool and press the convert button. You can quickly convert scanned handwriting-to-text with great accuracy and copy your notes in soft format or save them as documents.

Can image to text converter extract text written in different languages from a single image?

Yes, it can extract multiple languages from a single image. Suppose you upload an image whose text contains English, Hindi, Spanish, French, or any other language. Then our tool efficiently extracts text written in different languages from a single image.