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    IP to Decimal Converter converts an IP Address to a Decimal Number. It also converts IPv4 to IPv6. After conversion from IP to ipv6, you can see the ipv6 expanded version as well as ipv6 compressed version.

    Use any IP / Domain or Your Own IP
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  • About IP to Decimal Converter Tool

    IP to decimal converter tool converts a given IP Address to a Decimal Number which can be used to store the IP addresses in a database or used in many other places. A standard IP Address contains the period sign several times between it. Each number before a decimal sign can contain a value from 0 to maximum 255 range. The decimal number of an IP address does not contain a period sign, and it looks different than a standard IP address. This tool can also convert an ipv4 IP address to ipv6 address and can also give the expanded and compressed version of an ipv6 address. You can also enter any ipv6 address to convert it to a decimal number.