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    TraceRoute Tool keeps track of the whole path through which a network request routes to the subjected Domain or IP Address. It records each stop point till the destination point and then shows the complete route of a request.

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  • About TraceRoute Tool

    TraceRoute or Tracert tool tracks the complete path of a network request for reaching the destination host. When a website is opened in a browser, the network request initiates, and it has to route through several locations to reach its final point. For example, a request initiates from location a to b. It cannot reach directly to b. Instead, it has to pass through several locations c, d, and e, and those locations through which a request passes tells the network request about the next destination until it reaches its final destination.

    The traceroute tool keeps an eye on all those locations from where it was re-routed and shows the IP addresses of those servers which it reached before its final destination.