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  • CIDR/Netmask Tool

    CIDR/Netmask tool generates a list of IP Address Ranges that falls inside a given netmask along with an IP. Just enter IPv4 or IPv6 address along with a netmask or CIDR, and submit to generate the list of network IPs and the list of IPs that falls inside the given input range.

    IPv4 Examples /24
    IPv6 Examples
    fd6e:8b94:25ca:b065:: fd6e:8b94:25ca:b065:: ffff:f000:: fd6e:8b94:25ca:b065::/64 /64 fd6e:8b94:25ca:b065::-fd6e:8b94:25ca:b065::f
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  • About Netmask/CIDR Tool

    The Netmask/CIDR tool is for network administrators or network engineers or webmasters who need to generate a list of IP Addresses and network Addresses that falls into the category of the input IP and netmask/CIDR. The user need to input an IP along with netmask or CIDR to generate the list of IP Addresses and network addresses.