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    IPv6 Ping Tool pings a given hostname (domain or IP). If you enter domain, it finds its IPv6 Address from DNS AAAA Record and sends ICMP packets to its IPv6 Address using IPv6 Network. The results tells either the destination host responds or not and in how much time. Also, its latency results are also recorded and shown.

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  • About Ping IPv6 Tool

    Ping IPv6 tool checks the given IPv6 address, whether it is online or not. The Ping tool works by sending an ICMP packet to the destination host or server. If the server is connected to the internet and allows ICMP packets, then the ICMP packets go to the server and get a response.

    The ping tool has a simple algorithm of checking an online computer or server. The receiving machine should be configured to allow ICMP packets via hardware and software firewalls. Once the packets reach the server, it responds back with a reply and tells that it is live and listening to the requests.

    The time a server takes to respond to the ping request is called response time and is shown with each ping request sent from our server. The number of bytes transferred between a single request is called "No. of bytes." The TTL is also received with the response from the server, and all these parameters are shown as ping result.