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    IPv6 Whois Lookup tool tells you whois the real owner of an IPv6 Address. Owner details includes their name, company, organization, country, city, latitude, longitude, ASN number and ASN Details. Other information includes the IPv6 network ranges, Reverse IPv6 Lookup, Expanded IPv6 Address, and Compressed IPv6 Address.

    Enter any IPv6 address to lookup its whois details.

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  • About IPv6 Whois Lookup Tool

    IPv6 lookup tool gives you the complete information of an internet protocol version 6 address (IPv6). IPv6 is becoming a popularly used ip address type these days and majority of the users are starting to use ipv6 address on their home or office computers as well as web servers. IPv6 address is comparatively long as compare to the older version ipv4 address.

    Our ipv6 tool let's you know whois the real owner of a given ip address and from where that ip is originated. Whois information tells you the owner details like name, address, email, phone, fax, company, organization, and more. This information is provided by public servers and is easily accessible from everywhere on internet. IPv6 whois lookup also tells the ASN number of the given ip address, company behind that ASN number, and the company details. It also let's you know what is the compressed version of that ipv6 address, also the expanded version too. This tool also does a reverse ipv6 lookup and tells what hostname this ipv6 address resolves to.