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IPv6 Compress

About IPv6 Compression - Simplify & Shorten IPv6 Address Tool

IPv6 Compression tool compresses the long IPv6 address into a simplified and short form. Just enter the full IPv6 un-compressed address and instantly converts it to the short or compressed IPv6 address.

Sometimes, the IPv6 addresses contain empty octets and become prolonged. The tool is designed to remove those empty octets by applying IPv6 compression rules, replacing them with colons, and converting the fully notated un-compressed IPv6 address into the short form without any octets inclusion.

What is IPv6?

IPv6, also known as Internet Protocol Version 6, is the latest and advanced IP address version. It's a 128-bit address and is represented in hexadecimal notations. A colon separates eight sub-blocks (:) and each sub-block are 16 bits in size (16*8 = 128 bits).

An example of IPv6 address extended form is 1050:0000:0000:0000:0005:0600:300c:326b that can also write as 1050::5:600:300c:326b.

Due to the shortage of IPv4 addresses, the next IP version, IPv6, is trending. People are also performing IPv4 to IPv6 compression for their use.

However, IPv6 addresses are lengthy, challenging to remember, and difficult to use in our daily lives. Let say you have to ping a long IPv6 address. It's challenging to remember that lengthy hexadecimal address, and typing such an address is a pain. The process becomes quite difficult as compared to ping IPv4 addresses.

Therefore, some rules are defined to compress and simplify the long or un-compressed IPv6 address.

IPv6 compression rules

The rules to compress the IPv6 address are followed.

  • Rule 1: That rule is also called the zero compression rule. According to that rule, if an IPv6 address contains continuous zeros, then they are replaced with (::).
  • Rule 2: That rule is also known as leading zero compression. You can remove the leading zeros (0s) in the 16 bits field of an IPv6 address. But each block in which you do that has at least one number remaining. If the field contains all zeros (0s), you must leave one zero (0) remaining. Removing leading zeros (0s) from the start does not have any effect on the value. However, you cannot apply that rule to trailing zeros (0s).
  • Rule 3: If zeros (0s) are present in a discontinuous pattern in IPv6 address, then at only one joining, the zeros (0s) are replaced with (::).

How to use the IPv6 compression calculator to shorten the un-compressed IPv6 address?

For IPv6 compression online, perform the following steps.

  • Open the IPv6 Compression Tool.
  • Enter any extended IPv6 address and on the "Compress IPv6" button.
  • It instantly compresses the IPv6 address and provides you a simplified and shorten form.
  • Suppose you enter the IPv6 address 1050:0000:0000:0000:0005:0600:300c:326b and click on the "Compress IPv6" button. The tool processes your request and provides you the IPv6 compressed form 1050::5:600:300c:326b.