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    Domain dns validation provides free dns health check service which analyzes the dns parameters to check if it meets the quality standard. The DNS health check is done by fetching domain dns records and checking A record lookup, mx record, txt record, spf record, and AAAA record and more dns records to check if they are setup in a right way. This tool points out any errors or warning which may need to be fixed to follow the DNS standard rules.

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  • About Domain DNS Validation Tool

    The DNS health check tool identifies any non-standard procedures followed while setting up your DNS records. The domain dns validation is done through querying up the DNS records and validating them against the standard rules used for DNS in the industry. This tool also shows your NS records and also shows how our tool fetched each of your record and validated your DNS. This free dns health check service is the answer to all your dns related questions.

    How domain dns is validated?

    The domain dns is validated through a series of checks applied on a dns records of a domain. These checks are actually the rules used in the dns industry which everyone should follow to keep their domain dns on track. If any rule is being violated or it needs to be improved, we will show an error or a warning so you can fix it accordingly to make sure your domain has a healthy dns setup.