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Want to secure your brand awareness? Use our BIMI record lookup tool to look for the BIMI record for a given domain. It displays the BIMI record if it exists. If not, then give you the option to generate the BIMI record for the queried domain.

What is the BIMI record?

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) record is a DNS record type that displays the brand's logo inside an email inbox if the email is legitimate. 

It's a comprehensive industry-standard adopted by several companies to use their brand logo as an indicator to assist the email recipients in recognizing and avoiding fraudulent messages. 

Why do I require a BIMI record?

The simple answer is to secure your brand awareness. There are hundreds of brands and logos in the market, and linking your brand's logo with your email is challenging. BIMI enables the marketers to add their brand's logo in the targeted audience email inbox. It helps the email users identify the emails and trust that they are coming from the right sender. 

In email marketing, BIMI gives security just like HTTPS does for websites.

What benefits business will get by adding BIMI records in their DNS?

By adding the BIMI record, the business will get

  • Prominent display of their brand image in their targeted audience email inbox to get their favorable attention at zero cost.
  • It improves the delivery rate through the adoption of DMARC.

How to perform the BIMI record lookup?

Our BIMI record checker confirms that the BIMI record is either configured or functioning correctly. 

The correct configuration of the BIMI record enables the domain owner to coordinate with the Mail User Agents (MUAs) to display their brand image next to the authenticated emails.

For the BIMI record lookup, perform the following steps.

  • Open the BIMI Checker.
  • Enter the domain in the space provided for that section, and click on the "Lookup BIMI" button.
  • The tool will perform the BIMI record lookup against the queried domain and provide you with the BIMI record (if found).
  • If the BIMI record does not exist for the queried domain, then the tool allows you to generate the BIMI record for the domain.

What are the requirements of the BIMI record generator for generating the BIMI record?

For generating the BIMI record, you need

  • SVG logo (preferably square icon)
  • It is hosted on a secure repository (SVG logo path). 
  • Access to your domain's DNS configuration setup.
  • DMARC Policy setup already with Quarantine or Reject.

How to create the BIMI record from the BIMI record generator?

For creating the BIMI record, our BIMI record generator requires the following information.

  • SVG link
  • VMC File link

What are the logo specifications? 

For the BIMI record generator, the logo must include the following specifications.

  • The logo must be well formatted that it represents its brand.
  • It should be clear and readily displayed at various resolutions.
  • It must be in square and saved in SVG format.
  • It should be hosted on a secure repository.
  • Some email providers require that your brand logo must be focused on the brand's registered logo. It should not include any unregistered marks.

How do I implement a BIMI record?

After BIMI record creation, the next step is to set up the BIMI record. For that you need

  • Brand logo in SVG format, hosted on a secure repository.
  • Access to your domain's DNS configuration setup.
  • DMARC setup with policy either Quarantine or Reject.

If you have these

  • Go to your DNS hosting provider and select "create the record."
  • Enter the value, for example, value _bimi. 
  • Your hosting provider will append the domain/subdomain following the provided value. For example, if you have a domain example.com, it will be value_bimi.example.com. 
  • Select the record type as "TXT" and add the value "v=BIMI1; l=https://Your_SVG_Logo_Path.com."

How do BIMI works?

After BIMI record publication in the domain's DNS record, the email provider(s) authenticates the message using SPF/DKIM by deploying DMARC. If the message passes the authentication, the email provider asks for the BIMI record from DNS. On receiving the BIMI record, the email provider displays the brand logo next to the message in the user's email inbox.

Why is BIMI not working, or why my BIMI logo is not showing?

After publishing the BIMI record in your DNS, it does not automatically display the brand logo in all customer inboxes. It highly depends on whether the email provider provides that facility or not.


  • Yahoo: Pilot publicly available with no VMC requirement (right now).
  • AOL: Pilot publicly available with no VMC requirement (right now).
  • Gmail: Rolled out general support in July 2021 with a VMC requirement. Check here how it works with Gmail.
  • Netscape: Pilot publicly available with no VMC requirement (right now).
  • Fastmail: Pilot publicly available with no VMC requirement (right now).
  • Comcast: In the planning stages.
  • Seznam.cz: In the planning stages.
  • Microsoft: No BIMI support.


What is VMC?

The VMC (Verified Mark Certificate) is a new digital certificate type that binds together the three components supportably.

  • A company 
  • Its domain
  • Its logo

How many VMCs are required if I own multiple domains?

It depends upon the logo and the domains. If you want to use your single logo for your domains, you require only one VMC. But if you have more than one logo, you need to purchase VMC per logo.

How to get my logo trademark?

As per the BIMI guidelines, you need your logo trademarked from a trusted, industry-recognized, and licensed Certification Authority that is functional in your country. Once your logo is trademarked, it will have an '®' symbol. 

How to convert BIMI logo image to SVG? 

You can do this with the help of Adobe illustrator. As per the BIMI standards for the SVG logo file, you must convert your logo image to SVG 1.2 (vector-based). 

What size should the BIMI logo be?

The SVG document should be as small as possible and should be between 32 kb to 32 kilobytes.

Is BIMI free?

By adding the BIMI record, the business will get a prominent display of their brand image in their audience email inbox to get their favorable attention at zero cost. There is no charge to use the BIMI.

Does Gmail use BIMI?

Gmail Rolled out general support in July 2021 with a VMC requirement.

Does Microsoft support BIMI?

Microsoft has no BIMI support.