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Multi URL Opener

Open multiple URLs with a single click. Just paste the list of line-separated URLs and hit "Open" to open them separately each URL in new tab. It saves a lot of time and your energy by auto opening each URL automatically in new tab.

Enter List of line-separated URLs to open in new tabs.

About Multiple URL Opener Tool

Multiple URL Opener

Open multiple URLs with a single click. Just copy and paste the list of line-separated URLs and hit "Open" to open them separately in the new tab. It saves time and energy by auto-opening each URL in a new tab.

Importance of URLs in the world of the internet

To be live on the internet, you need a URL. Without that, no one can learn about the services you are offering. It's your address on the internet.

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a string of characters that identifies the location of the resource on the computer network or internet. In other words, it's an address of the content located on the World Wide Web (WWW).

Example: https://www.example.com (For URL Parser, click here.)

A website has several pages, including Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us, etc. And each page has its separate and unique URL.

On a social media platform, you get your URL while creating your profile or creating your business page.

In simple, the internet was built to distribute information. That disbursed information can be summed up to add the missing pieces and let you solve the various mysteries.

Why use a bulk URL opener?

Opening the bulk URLs always seems hectic, especially when you manually paste every URL in the browser bar to make it open.

Suppose you are dealing with SEO work, and you have to stay on multiple websites for content purposes and validate the content's authenticity. The bulk URL opener or bulk website opener's primary goal is to open multiple links or the websites in one browser but in different tabs. That not only help the SEOs who are covering the citation part for SEO and SEOs who are writing content for various websites.

How to use the Multiple URL Opener tool for opening multiple links or websites with a single click?

To use the URL Opener, perform the following steps.

  • Open the Multiple URL Opener Tool.
  • You can either manually put each URL in the text box or copy or paste the multiple URLs at once.
  • Click on the "Open" button. The tool processes your request and opens all the pasted URLs in different tabs in a single browser.
  • You can open an unlimited number of URLs. But please open a maximum of 10 to 15 URLs at once. Because opening too many URLs at once can freeze your browser and operating system.

The tool is free, and no downloading is required. You can use that tool anywhere, anytime globally, where you have internet access.

Who can use the Multiple URL Opener Tool?

For the following purposes, anyone can use that Multiple URL Opener.

  1. SEO Audit: If you are working as an SEO expert, that tool is beneficial. During the SEO audit, you have to open the multiple URLs in a single browser in different tabs for SEO audit. You can paste all the essential URLs in the tool text box and open them all with a single click.
  2. Website's Citation: Suppose you work on a website's citation. The citation adds a website's information to different websites containing business directories. In other words, these websites are the search engines for business-related queries. When you publish business information on these top-ranked sites, search engines quickly index that information and display results in nearby "business boxes" found in search engine page results. On the internet, these business directories can be in hundreds or thousands. The SEO experts usually have the saved URLs of these directories to open them in their browser and quickly add information about the business for better indexing and ranking.
  3. Content Writer: If you are working as a content writer or creator, you have to open the URLs of multiple articles on your topic for a deep study before writing the final copy. The tool lets you open the bulk URLs supporting your point with a single click.
  4. Web Data Research & Mining: If you have to dig deep into data research and mine the data, you need to open the multiple URLs related to your topic. The tool helps you in this prospect with a single click.
  5. Affiliate Programs Members: The affiliate programs members need to check their affiliate links. Either they are functioning correctly, directing to the right landing page or showing "404 Error." Here the bulk affiliate links checker is beneficial. Just enter the URLs and open them all with a single click.

URL Opener Hardware/Software Compatibility

  • Supported by all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  • Supported by all Windows, Linux, and IOS Operating systems.
  • You can access that tool from any desktop, tablet, or mobile if you have internet access.
  • There is no limit to the number of URLs to open. You can open as many URLs as needed. But it's better to open 10 to 15 URLs at once.

Note: The pop-up block setting needs to be updated to open multiple URLs or websites. To turn off the pop-up blocker in various browsers. Avail of the following links.

Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/pop-blocker-settings-exceptions-troubleshooting

Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95472?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop

Microsoft Edge:https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/block-pop-ups-in-microsoft-edge-1d8ba4f8-f385-9a0b-e944-aa47339b6bb5

Internet Explorer: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-security-and-privacy-settings-for-internet-explorer-11-9528b011-664c-b771-d757-43a2b78b2afe