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JSON Viewer, Beautifier, Formatter, and Editor

Our tool is designed to facilitate JSON programmers with instant formatting capabilities, validation, tree view visualization, format conversion, and adjustable tab spacing. Just upload the JSON file/paste the JSON code and let our tool spell magic on your code.

Result :

The Ultimate Tool for JSON Programmers

Welcome to the online JSON Viewer, JSON Formatter, and JSON Beautifier at DNSChecker.org. Think of our future-proof tool as a magic box that turns your JSON data into something super easy to understand. It lets you analyze, sort, edit, and improve your JSON strings exactly as needed in real-time.

With only a couple of clicks — our tool tidies up messy instructions makes them shorter and more efficient, checks for mistakes, adds more elements for better reading, helps them talk to other programs, and even gives them a stylish look. Plus, there's a special spot where you can change the code easily.

Based on a variety of advanced algorithms, our tool works as follows:

  • JSON Viewer: convert the JSON string into a human-friendly readable format
  • JSON Beautifier: beautify the JSON data to enhance its readability
  • JSON Formatter: create a nicely formatted output
  • JSON Validator: (JSON Lint) validates JSON data
  • JSON Pretty Viewer: prettify JSON data
  • JSON Parser: parse and display the JSON data in a JSON tree view
  • JSON Converter: converts the
    • JSON to CSV
    • JSON to XML

Whether you're just starting or a coding expert — our online JSON formatter is like having a friendly coding expert. It is built to make your coding adventures smoother and more fun.

How to Use Our Online JSON Viewer?

Our JSON online viewer is an all-in-one tool. You can do anything you want right here without any hassle. All it requires is to paste the JSON data or upload a file. Once you have entered the data, it lets you leverage the following functionalities:


Click on “Beautify,” and our JSON code beautifier will enhance JSON data's readability and visual aesthetics. Whether you need to arrange indentation, line breaks, or whitespace — it ensures that even complex JSON structures are presented understandably.


Click on “Minify” and see how effectively our JSON minifier reduces the size of JSON payloads. It takes no time to eliminate extraneous whitespace, comments, and unnecessary characters — optimizing data transmission and storage for enhanced performance.


Click on “✓”  so our online JSON validator can identify errors, missing fields, and improper structures in the JSON data. Developers need to leverage our verification feature as it helps build and deliver robust and error-free JSON-based applications.

Tree View

Click on “Tree View,” and our JSON tree viewer will represent the JSON data in a well-organized tree structure. This helps developers navigate complex JSON documents effortlessly — gaining insights into the relationships and hierarchies within the data.

Format Conversion

Click on “To XML” to translate JSON data into “extensive markup language” format — whereas if you wish to convert the JSON data into “comma-separated value” file format, then click on “To CSV”. This improves flexibility and ensures smooth data exchange.

Tab Spacing

Click on “Tab Space” to specify how many spaces should be added for indentation — based on their coding style or the project conventions. This enhances the readability of the JSON data structure by visually representing its hierarchical structure.

Analyze and Edit

Go to the “Result” section to edit the JSON data as required. Simply “Click” on the left side or press “ctrl+m” to access the action menu. Our JSON online formatter allows you to check and change the syntax type and add or remove strings, arrays, objects, and more.

What Else You Can Do With Our JSON Editor Online…

  • Format JSON data
  • Remove all white spaces
  • Repair JSON data
  • Expand all fields
  • Collapse all fields
  • Filter, sort, or transform contents
  • Switch to live mode

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JSON, and why is it used?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It's a data storage and exchange format. While originating from JavaScript, JSON is compatible with PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java. It's favored for its easy-to-understand syntax and is commonly used to send data between web servers and applications, as well as in APIs and web services.

What are the advantages of using JSON?

JSON offers several advantages, including the following:

  • Lightweight format supported by all browsers.
  • Quick execution due to its lightweight nature.
  • Ease of sharing due to its array data structure.
  • Readable syntax compared to other formats.

What standards are followed in JSON?

JSON adheres to the following  standards:

  • Objects are enclosed in curly brackets {} with a key-value format.
  • Empty objects are represented as {}.
  • Arrays are enclosed in square brackets [] with an option for an empty array: [].
  • Each key-value pair is a member with a unique key within an object structure.
  • Keys and string values are in double quotes.
  • Boolean values are expressed as "true" or "false" in lowercase.
  • Numbers shouldn’t have leading zeros and must be in double-precision floating-point format.
  • Null values are represented as "null" in lowercase.
  • Backslash characters escape offensive characters.
  • Convert dates to strings, as they're not fully supported.
  • Each object or array member is followed by a comma if it's not the last.
  • The '.json' extension is standard for JSON files, with the mime type 'application/JSON.'

Don’t forget to use our online JSON validator to format JSON or validate JSON without hassle.

Can I use this tool as a JSON prettifer?

Yes. Our JSON viewer extends its capabilities beyond simple analysis and editing, enabling the users to prettify JSON. It works as a powerful online JSON beautifier/pretiifier so that you can beautify JSON in a way that improves its structures and makes it highly readable. It lets you format and minify the code as well.

Is this a reliable JSON editor online?

Yes. Our tool is 100% trustworthy for all JSON programmers (beginners and experts) to be used as a powerful and secure JSON online formatter, tree viewer, prettifier, and ultimate editor. Anyone can leverage our reliable JSON viewer and editor for free.