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    SSL Certificate checker fetches all possible information about an SSL certificate of the subjected host or domain. It checks the validity of SSL and the issue date, expiry date, and many more parameters.

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  • About SSL Certificate Checker Tool

    The term SSL means a secure socket layer. It is a standard security protocol used for securing the connection between a browser and the server. Each time a user connects to a website using SSL protocol, the data transmitted through it is incredibly secure. Hackers or attackers cannot intercept and read the data. Without using SSL protocol, the data sent between browser and server is sent in the form of a plain text.

    The website who use SSL are accessed with HTTPS in the URL instead of HTTP. SSL secures sensitive information like credit card information, social security numbers, and other information that needs to be protected from others. The data sent through SSL is encrypted first and then decrypted at the server end. Which means that once the encrypted data reaches the server, it is decrypted and read by the server.

    SSL Certificate checker reads the SSL Certificate Information of the subjected domain name and then gathers data and shows it in organized way. It shows certificate transparency submission information, SSL certificate issuing authority name, SSL issue date, expiry date, SSL chain validation info, SSL compression status. It also shows complete SSL chain information.