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  • What is My User Agent?

    User Agent Information identifies your browser and operating system and their versions. Whenever you open a site, it gets to know your user agent and identifies your OS and browser based on your user agent to optimize your web or app experience.

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  • About User Agent Information Tool

    User Agent refers to an identifier for the device OS and browser. It contains all the information used to identify the operating system of a device and operating system version. It also contains information about the browser being used by the user and the browser version.

    User Agent can easily be modified by the request initiator to deceive the request receiver. Its upto the sender that what user agent they want to use to send the request to any URL.

    The behavior of the response server for any specified URL also depends on the user agent the user is sending with the request. For example, if a user uses the user agent of some bad bots, it may be blocked because many webmasters blocks bad bots by default and the response of the webpage may be unexpected.