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Domain to IP Lookup

Instantly discover the IP address of any website, domain, or server using our efficient Domain to IP Lookup tool. Simply enter the domain, website, or server name and retrieve accurate information regarding the website's IP address.

Domain to IP Lookup

Our domain to IP lookup tool helps you check the domain IP address of any website. It translates the domain name to its IP address and provides accurate and quick results.

The results provided by our domain IP lookup tool include the IP addresses in the DNS records (A & AAAA) received from the name servers depending upon the selected DNS server.

The A record contains the IPv4 address information of the host, whereas the AAAA record provides the IPv6 address information of the hostname. Both records (A & AAAA) provide the details about the owner (hosting provider), location, and IP address of the given domain name or website URL.

What is a DNS A record?

In this DNS record, the A stands for “address”.  It is considered one of the most essential components of a DNS record that is commonly used for matching a domain (for instance, “dnschecker.org”) to an IPv4 address.

What is the DNS AAAA record?

The AAAA DNS record matches a website name to an IPv6 address. The IPv6 is the latest version of Internet Protocol (a.k.a. IP), and its addresses are longer than that of IPv4 addresses.

The AAAA records can only be used when a domain has an IPv6 address and the questioned client’s device is configured to use IPv6.

How to Check the Domain IP Address?

Every website must have one IP address connected to its domain name. For instance, a popular social media platform, Instagram, has an IP address: “” against this URL “https://www.instagram.com/”.

Whenever you enter a URL in your browser, it will first determine the domain name of that URL, look up the IP address, and then connect the server with the IP. Once the connection is built, the browser fetches the website’s source code to display the webpage.

These IP addresses are generally configured in DNS as A and AAAA records. Now, the question is how you can look up the IP address of a domain. In order to accomplish this,

You can rely on the following methods

Lookup a Website’s IP Address With Our Online Domain IP Checker Tool

It finds the domain IP address of a website and provides results for A and AAAA records against the entered domain URL.

To check the domain IP address of any website with our tool, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Domain to IP lookup tool.
  2. Enter a valid URL in the above input box.
  3. Select the DNS server from the available options.
  4. Click on the “Find IP” button to find the domain IP.
  5. Copy or download records in either Markdown or Text form.

Lookup a Website’s IP Address on Windows

  1. Open Command Prompt: You can open Command Prompt by searching for "cmd" in the Windows Start menu or by pressing Win + X and selecting "Command Prompt."
  2. Use the "nslookup" command: In the Command Prompt window, type the following command and replace "example.com" with the website's domain name:

nslookup example.com

  1. Press Enter. You will see the IP address associated with the website displayed in the results.

Lookup a Website’s IP Address on macOS

  1. Open Terminal: You can find Terminal in the "Utilities" folder within the "Applications" folder, or you can use Spotlight search to locate it quickly.
  2. Use the "dig" command for more detailed DNS information. Type the following command and replace "example.com" with the website's domain name:

dig example.com

  1. View the IP address: After running the command, you will see the IP address(es) associated with the website in the Terminal window.

How Does Domain IP Lookup Work?

Domain to IP is a free online tool to find the IP address linked to a specific domain name. It works by querying DNS servers to retrieve the IP address information related to the entered domain. It converts the human-readable domain (Instagram.com)  into a computer-readable IP address “”.

Our tool checks the domain IP address and shows both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses along with their hosting provider and location.

Why Should You Use Our Domain to IP Lookup Tool?

This domain IP checker is a useful online tool that helps users find the domain IP of a website with accurate details. Finding the IP address of a website manually can be a difficult task. Our domain to IP converter saves you the trouble of performing time-taking Command Prompts on your system (Windows or Mac OS).

This tool only takes a few seconds to provide you with the IP address for any domain name. It provides an accurate IP address and also finds the region where the server is located. By using this domain to IP converter, you can now convert a domain to an IP address with more ease. You can also use its below useful features as per your ease:

  • Expand All: Let you expand the A and AAAA records in detail.
  • Contract All: Contracts the records with one click.
  • Copy Records: Gives you the option to copy results in both Markdown and Text forms.
  • Download Records: Let you download the records in both Markdown and Text forms.