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Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft colors (and format codes) provide an inventory of handy codes to design your Minecraft chat commands and transform the text, team, and armor color utilized in the game.



List of Minecraft Color Codes

Black (black)
Chat Code §0
Mo TD Code \u00A70
Dark Blue (dark_blue)
Chat Code §1
Mo TD Code \u00A71
Dark Green (dark_green)
Chat Code §2
Mo TD Code \u00A72
Dark Aqua (dark_aqua)
Chat Code §3
Mo TD Code \u00A73
Dark Red (dark_red)
Chat Code §4
Mo TD Code \u00A74
Dark Purple (dark_purple)
Chat Code §5
Mo TD Code \u00A75
Gold (gold)
Chat Code §6
Mo TD Code \u00A76
Gray (gray)
Chat Code §7
Mo TD Code \u00A77
Dark Gray (dark_gray)
Chat Code §8
Mo TD Code \u00A78
Blue (blue)
Chat Code §9
Mo TD Code \u00A79
Green (green)
Chat Code §a
Mo TD Code \u00A7a
Aqua (aqua)
Chat Code §b
Mo TD Code \u00A7b
Red (red)
Chat Code §c
Mo TD Code \u00A7c
Light Purple (light_purple)
Chat Code §d
Mo TD Code \u00A7d
Yellow (yellow)
Chat Code §e
Mo TD Code \u00A7e
White (white)
Chat Code §f
Mo TD Code \u00A7f


  • NAME is the name for a color, and (minecraft_name) is the internal name of a color in Minecraft.
  • CHAT CODE is the internal code utilizes for the chat color in Minecraft.
  • MOTD CODE is the internal code utilizes for the "Message Of The Day" color in Minecraft.
  • HEX is the internal hexadecimal value utilizes for the color in Minecraft.

List of Minecraft Format Codes

Name Chat Code MOTD Code Edition
Obfuscated §k \u00A7k JE/BE
Bold §l \u00A7l JE/BE
Strikethrough §m \u00A7m JE
Underline §n \u00A7n JE
Italic §o \u00A7o JE/BE
Reset §r \u00A7r JE/BE


  • NAME specifies the name of the format.
  • CHAT CODE is the internal code of the format in chat.
  • MOTD CODE is the internal code of the format utilizes in the "Message Of The Day."

About Minecraft Color Codes - A Small Overview of MC Color Codes

A player can utilize several built-in Minecraft colors and format codes in chat and game commands with Minecraft color codes.

The color codes in Minecraft help customize colored leather shields and power team colors and help change the text's color. On the other hand, the format codes help to transform the looks of in-game text. You can use bold or italic text format.

How to enter section sign § to use Minecraft color codes on different platforms?

On Windows

  • To enter "§" with most US/UK English keyboards on Windows, type Alt + NUMPAD 2, NUMPAD 1 (alt code on cp437).
  • For any other keyboard, the Windows ANSI version type Alt + NUMPAD 0 NUMPAD 1, NUMPAD 6, NUMPAD7 often works.
  • If Hex Numpad is enabled in the Windows registry, Alt + NUMPAD+ANUMPAD 7 (using the main keyboard for "A") works for any language due to it being Unicode.
  • On a Mac with a US keyboard, type ⌥ Option + 6 (or ⌥ Option + 5 for US Extended). For any other keyboard, type ⌥ Option + 00a7.
  • To enter section sign (§) on a Nintendo Switch, select languages (globe icon), scroll to the bottom to find the "Symbols" language and then select Page 2 to find the symbol to the right in the bottom line.

On Android keyboards:

  • On Google Keyboard (GBoard): tap the number/symbol button, tap the button above "ABC" to access more symbols, then hold down the paragraph key.

On iOS:

  • On the iPad, tap the number/symbol button and then swipe down on the percent sign.
  • On the iPhone, tap the number/symbol button, hold down the ampersand key, and slide over to the "§" mark.

On Xbox:

  • On the Xbox One, use the left trigger, hold down A while on ¶ until other options pop up. Move the cursor over to the "§" mark and use A to select.


What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is considered a famous and popular three-dimensional video game, widespread in almost all ages, in which players build and break apart different blocks.

The game offers two main modes; Survival and Creative mode. In Survival, as the name implies, players must find their food and supplies for survival. Here, they get in touch with blocklike mobs and moving creatures.

However, in creative mode, you need creative work. The game only provides you with supplies and nothing more to eat to survive. The players tear apart all kinds of blocks.

How many players can play Minecraft?

You either play by yourself or can play online with others. With WiFi networks, the smartphone and tablet versions allow multi-player options. You can connect to thousands of Minecraft online games (servers) to battle with others.

Which devices can I play it on?

The game version is available for PCs, Macs, Xbox 360 and iPhone, Android smartphones, iPad, and Kindle Fire.

How much does Minecraft cost?

The price varies for different devices. For a desktop, it costs about $26.95. For Xbox, it's about $20 (1,600 Microsoft points), and for the tablet, it costs $6.99.

Where do I find Minecraft?

Follow the link (www.minecraft.net) to download the game for the PC and Mac. For Xbox, go to Xbox Games Store (www.marketplace.xbox.com). The phone and tablet versions are sold through Amazon.com, iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

How do I get started on Minecraft?

Players aged 12 and younger must have parental supervision who can create an account for them. Always ask your parents before going online.