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Compiling all your ideas and finalizing your draft can be hectic when you must remember to keep track of your word count, characters, readability level, etc.

So, in this case, when you are confused about your content word limit and are out of time to submit your work, you can check all the essential content details using Word Counter.

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Word Count Online - Know the Word Count of a Text

Are you done with your assignments, office proposals, or writing posts for your socials? No matter what you are up to, writing content is the most crucial part of your job.

A word count is the most accessible source that helps you find the exact number of words and characters in a document or different pieces of content.

For instance, you got inspired by a case study or relevant content in the form of text, and thinking to write its context and review it in your own words and want to know the length and word count.

So, instead of copying and pasting the whole piece of content and pasting it into a word file to check word count alone, you can use a word count calculator to highlight essential content factors within seconds.

Online word counter tool by DNS Checker

Text counter tool by DNS Checker is a free online word counter that offers quick and instant checking of your words in a document, report, or any form of text.

Instead of sitting for hours counting words, this tool is the all-in-one platform to help you efficiently deal with hefty documents and reports.

This free word counter gives you a word count online and helps you understand primary content factors to understand your write-up potential or competitor's drawback.

Critical features of word count calculator

As discussed earlier, the word counter provides the number of words in a document and allows users to understand various factors and components that ensure high-quality content. Therefore, we have mentioned each piece briefly.

Characters (with/without spaces):

In any document or report, characters are numbers, symbols, and letters that join to form words, phrases, and sentences.
Consequently, in this digital world, where computer programming requires symbols to understand, characters with and without spaces represent the words and sentences of white spaces.
So, instead of manually identifying characters count, the DNS Checker character counterword tool online quickly calculates the characters for you.

Words total:

As suggested, the tool identifies and calculates the total words used in any report, document, or social media post.

Total sentences and paragraphs:

The online word counter also measures the number of sentences and paragraphs written in a write-up, such as a blog post, official documents, and research articles.

Average Sentence Length:

Concerning SEO guidelines, sentence length is a crucial part, and it is considered the shorter the sentences, the more readers are attracted to read. So, the word counter tool also measures the length of your sentences in your content.

Gunning fog:

Tool processes to find Gunning fog. However, simply put, Gunning fog is a type of index that is a readability indicator of your content written in English. It evaluates the required education (or the reader) to understand your write-up. Thus, it helps you to double-check your targeted audience. For example, gunning fog index 12 shows that the write-up can be understood by high schooler reading level.

Average syllables length:

The Word count online tool identifies the number of syllables in your text to provide an average estimation of syllables length in your piece of content. It usually starts from three letters to 0.6 words.

Average word length:

Similarly, the word count checker also measures the letters to find the word's average length. It shouldn't cross multiple characters; instead, choose short, lettered words.

Coleman Liau:

It is another readability test named after Meri Coleman and his co-worker Liau T. L. The purpose of the Coleman Liau index is to check the understandability of the content. As a standard, the index requires the content to be understandable to the grade-level student. Subsequently, the DNSChecker word counter checks the Coleman Liau index without long input.

Flesch Kincaid Grade level:

You might have heard about Flesch Kincaid readability tests that are a must to pass to make your content valuable and high quality. It identifies the text difficulty of a paragraph or a content piece in English. However, without searching for various websites, the word counter tool measures the Flesch Kincaid readability test within seconds.

Readability index:

Lastly, the word counter online tool measures the overall readability of your content. It evaluates other attributes or components, including the length of words, syllables, and sentences, to determine whether your content is easy to read.

Check keyword density with a word counter checker

To start, copy the text you want and check for its word count and other SEO factors. Afterward, follow the mentioned steps down below;

  1. Click to find the Word Counter Online page or open it in a new tab.
  2. As in the picture below, you will find a box, "Paste a Text or Fetch." Enter the copied text or fetch it accordingly.
  3. The second you paste the text, the tool will quickly measure the following things;
  • Characters (without/with spacing)
  • Number of Sentences, Words, and Paragraphs
  • The average length of sentences and syllables

(You can also select the case type, such as a lower case or upper case, from the given options on the tool page)

Wrapping up word count calculator

In the era of digitalization and fast worldly chores, keeping yourself up to community standards is essential. So, wasting hours on unnecessary or less valuable things is a total loss.

Rather than using old methods of never-ending counting of words, the word counter tool is the fastest source that help you done with your tasks in no time.

Therefore, stop worrying and check your content potential and competitors with a word count online tool.

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