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RGB to Pantone

Our versatile RGB to Pantone converter seamlessly converts your RGB color codes to Pantone (PMS) color codes while providing multiple matching variants, including visual representations for every variant.

Convert RGB to Pantone

RGB to Pantone converter is a free browser-based online color converter tool to quickly convert your RGB color’s coded value to Pantone color value. The Pantone color converter provides the best possible outcomes ranging up to 96 variants depending on your selection.

RGB to Pantone Converter

RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) are three primary colors combined to form several other colors at different intensities (0 to 255).

The RGB color model is additive, meaning the more value you add, the closer you get to white. When RGB values are R= 255, G = 255, and B = 255, it generates white color, while on other extremes, RGB values are R= 0, G = 0, and B = 0. It generates black color. The RGB color model displays objects on digital cameras, monitors, and television screens.

Pantone Matching System (PMS) is considered a standard in the color industry. Before that system, each printing company has its own set of colors. Therefore, this system helped the whole industry to eliminate ambiguity and bring consistency and accuracy to the color world. Currently, there are more than 2000 colors in PMS.

In PMS, each shade contains three or four-digit numbers followed by C (coated), U (uncoated), and M (matte). These variations help in deciding how the color will look after printing.

How to Convert RGB to Pantone Online?

To convert from RGB to Pantone, perform the following steps.

  • Open the RGB to Pantone online converter.
  • Enter the Red, Green, and Blue values in their provided sections.
  • Or use the slider to adjust the value of these three colors.
  • You can also refer to the "color palette" for the possible close selection of the required color.
  • From the dropdown, select the "Distance" value (16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96).
  • The RGB to Pantone converter tool will display the results depending on the selected values.

Note: To get the desired results, use a different distance value. The smallest distance helps you get the Pantone color closest to the selected RGB color value.

Why Is the Conversion of RGB to Pantone Essential?

RGB color model is used when you need to display an object on digital cameras, monitors, and television screens. On the other hand, PMS is highly adopted in the printing industry for complete accuracy.

RGB to Pantone conversion is essential for converting a digital image to a printing form.

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Does this RGB to Pantone conversion tool always come up with the exact color?

This RGB to Pantone conversion tool by DNS Checker often finds the closest Pantone color. Still, slight variations may occur due to differences in color gamuts, display settings, and lighting conditions.

Can I use this RGB to Pantone conversion tool for print and digital projects?

Yes, you can use this RGB to Pantone conversion tool for any medium, including printing or Digital ones. The tool provides you with consistent color representation everywhere.