Whats My DNS

Interpreted as: What are my websites DNS servers?

When you modify DNS records of you domain it will take upto 48 hours to resolve them globally. DNS resolution is time taking and it can sometimes lead to website downtime if DNS records have errors. DNSChecker helps it users to speed up the process and save websites from downtime. 

When you change a domain's DNS records want to see whats my dns, check them after sometime with DNSChecker's realtime DNS checking tool. It shows realtime DNS resolution from all over the globe.

Online DNS Lookup

Means: Check DNS of any host or domain using an online tool?

The process of resolving an hostname to an IP address is defined as DNS Lookup. When DNS records of any hostname are edited, an online tool is the easiest and fastest way to test your DNS changes.

DNS Checker is a great tool which performs realtime online DNS lookups using DNS servers from around the world.

DNS Propagation Checker

DNS Propagation Check can be performed using DNSChecker.Org live DNS monitoring tool. 

Monitor any changes in DNS records of hostnames, check the resolution of DNS changes as they happen on big DNS servers around the world.