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  • Facebook Video Downloader

    This free tool enables users to save their favorite Facebook video for watching later. Just paste the public video link and submit it for analysis. Our tool quickly gathers the HD and SD available resolutions and presents it for download.

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  • About Facebook Video Downloader Tool

    Facebook video download offers free downloading of videos from the popular social website Facebook.com. To be able to download a video from Facebook, it's privacy settings should be set to public so that our system can fetch it to present it to you for download.

    How to download Facebook video?

    To download a video from Facebook, you should follow the two simple steps:

    • Copy the video link
    • See if it's privacy settings are set to "Public."

    How does Facebook video downloader work?

    This tool works by visiting the video page (only if it is public), and gather the download links which are not visible to the visitors and exists only in the source code of the page, and presents it to the user for downloading it.

    How to use this tool:

    After following the above steps, copy the Facebook video link and paste it in the given form above and submit to our system for analysis of the download links. Our servers quickly gather the data from the video page and show you all resolutions a video has available for download, and click download button to download the video in any quality which suits you.