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  • About Facebook Video Downloader Tool

    The free Facebook Video Downloader enables users to save their favorite Facebook videos to watch them offline anytime. Just paste the video URL you want to download.

    What is Facebook Video Downloader

    Download your favorite Facebook video(s) to watch them offline anytime

    The Facebook Video Downloader by DNS Checker is a web-based tool that allows users to download their favorite Facebook videos on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices, to watch them later, anytime without any internet connection.

    Most of the tools on the internet are not free and require you to download their software or extension. But our tool does not have any such requirements. The user needs no software, extension, or app on your computer, tablet, or mobile device to download video. The tool requires a user to input the public link of their favorite Facebook video. Click on the link to download the video.

    While developing this tool, we aim to make it as simple as possible; to make it convenient for the user to get the URL of their favorite Facebook video. Our tool quickly converts that video link into their storable file to store in your local storage.

    The tool is always available, as long as you have internet access, anywhere in the world. You do not need any registration to use that tool.

    Some benefits of using our FB Video Downloader

    There are some following benefits that you can avail of while using our FB Video Downloader.

    1. The tool is free.
    2. No installation is needed.
    3. No registration is required.
    4. Quickly gathers the HD and SD available resolutions and presents them for download.
    5. Super easy to use.
    6. No coding skills are required to download the video(s).
    7. Provide unlimited downloading.
    8. No watermark on the downloaded video.
    9. Highly secure.
    10. Works quickly and smoothly.

    How to download a video from Facebook?

    Downloading your favorite Facebook video becomes relatively easy with FB Video Downloader. To use our tool, perform the following steps.

    • Open the Facebook Video Downloader.
    • Enter the URL of your Facebook video, and click on the "Fetch Download Links" button.
    • The tool quickly gathers the HD and SD available resolutions and presents them for download.

    How to get Facebook video URL?

    There are two methods to grab the URL for a Facebook Video.

    1. If you find the video, click on it, then right-click on it, click on "Show video URL," and click on the video URL to grab it.
    2. If you are using a mobile app, there are three dots on the top right corner of the video. Tap on that. At the bottom, you see the "Copy link" option. Tap on that to copy the video link.

    Does FB Video Downloader work on mobile devices?

    Sure, FB Video Downloader works on mobile devices. However, to access our tool, you need to open that in your mobile browser.

    Where do my videos store after the downloads?

    After downloads, usually videos store in your gallery or the folder you mentioned for that purpose.

    Can I download the Live FB Videos?

    Sure, you can download it by using our tool. But for downloading, you have to wait until the live streaming comes to an end.

    Does this tool store copies of the videos?

    The tool neither stores nor keep the copies of the videos processed in it. All the functioning happens on the Facebook server. We only gather the HD and SD available resolutions and present them for download.

    Does the tool supports download a private video from Facebook?

    No, the tool does not support that. The tool facilitates those videos that have public access.

    Note: We do not support download any copyrighted video without any explicit consent of the original creator. If you download any such video for your commercial use, we are not responsible for copyright infringement. We recommend that you only download non-copyright videos for your personal offline use.