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Country: United States of America
State: California
City: Mountain View
Latitude: 37.4059
Longitude: -122.0785
ISP: Google LLC
IP Location Services by: IP2Location

About IP Location Lookup Tool

IP Location lookup tool gives you information about a user's registered IP address location.

The information includes

  • The ISP or organization's name.
  • The IP's hostname.
  • The country.
  • The region, state, and city.
  • The latitude and longitude of the location.
  • The display of that specific IP location on Google maps.

But the tool does not provide you.

  • A person's name using that IP.
  • Its exact location or street address.
  • Its phone number and email address.

What is IP to Location?

Several ways are available to find the geolocation of a user. Among those, the pairing of an IP with the geolocation is the most used one.

IP to Location is mapping an IP address with its real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected device. Geolocation involves mapping the IP addresses to the country, region, state, city, latitude/longitude, and ISP.

To get started, all you need a target's IP address and a geolocation database. The geolocation lookup tool uses the public geolocation databases to get the contact and registration information for a particular IP address.

What is an IP address?

Many regular internet users do not know what an IP address is and its importance regarding the Internet.

An IP address is the cornerstone of the Internet. Without an IP address, the Internet would die. It is a blend of a sequence of numbers that starts from zero and goes up to 255.

An IP address is an acronym for Internet Protocol Address. It works as an identifier for each device connected to the Internet. It tells the computers and other networking devices to send data to the particular device requested for that query.

An example of an IP address is The decimal digits in an IP address have four groups separated by a dot. Each group can have a possible value ranging from 0 to 255.

For example, a user connected to the Internet opens a website in its browser. In that case, the browser sends the IP of the user with the request. The requested website knows who tried to visit their website. The website, in return, sends the appropriate response to that specific user. In that way, each request on the Internet carries your device's IP to communicate with other devices on the Internet.

Why do you need IP-based geolocation?

There are several reasons when you need to identify from where your visitors are coming in. That may include

  • You have an e-commerce website, and you want to show the different offers to the users based on their geolocation.
  • It helps show the relevant business opening and closing hours for users in a particular country or state.
  • It helps you to translate the critical message in the user's native language. That not only provides the localization feeling but also attracts attention.
  • It helps web admins redirect visitors to a page in their native language for a better user experience.
  • It helps to fight against illegal spammers & hackers and in determining the cause of a problem.
  • Suppose a particular region has specific regulatory compliance protocols that websites serving on those regions must abide by. You can comply with those protocols by detecting when visitors visit your website from those regions.

Although, it would be impossible to find the exact location of the IP address. However, IP address lookup tool can provide you the precise information about the IP's location.

ASN WHOIS Lookup uses the ARIN WHOIS database to find contact and registration information for IP resources registered with ARIN.

You can also use reverse IP Lookup for getting the hostname from IP. That might give you some clues. Many ISPs, corporations, and academic institutions use location as a qualified hostname. But that does not always work. The reverse DNS translation highly depends on the correct configuration of the ISP's DNS server. The US domain names like .com, .net, and .org do not always imply that the host is located in the United States.

How does an IP to Location service work?

IP to Location tools get the location of an electronic device through its IP address. With the IP address in hand, the geolocation software pulls the data about the electronic device. It does this by examining a geolocation database to look for matches with the inputted IP address. As these databases are created and managed by third parties, the location data for devices depends on the provider managing that data.

How accurate is IP-based geolocation?

IP-based geolocation services can only provide you an approximate measure of geolocation accuracy.

With these services, you can obtain 95% to 99% accuracy at the country level, 55% to 80% accuracy at the region or state level, and 50% to 75% at the city level.

However, the accuracy of the geolocation database varies depending on which database you use.

Although, IP-based geolocation services do not provide you the most accurate data. But still, they can offer good enough accuracy for many needs.

Where can I get an IP-based geolocation database?

Several geolocation databases are commercially available with different accuracy and price plans. Some of the most popular geolocation databases are IP2Location, IPgeolocation, IPinfo, IPligence, IP2C, DB-IP, and IP API.

Most geolocation providers have both free and paid plans. And there are two ways to access their data, either downloading the database or use their API.

How to find the geolocation of an IP Address?

The geolocation of any IP Address is easy to trace. Several geolocation public databases are available to find the location of any IP Address.

For this purpose, we have made a unique tool for Checking IP Location with top geolocation providers. All you need the target's IP address.

Note: This tool does not provide the live location of an IP. The live location can only be seen when the user allows an app or a website to obtain location data through its mobile, tablet, or browser.

The geolocation data is just an estimate of the provided IP address and is not the user's exact location.

Can the IP address location be wrong?

IP location is just the approximate physical location of an IP. Sometimes you might see that your IP geolocation is wrong. That may happen because an IP-based geolocation database had mapped your data incorrectly. Or the database refreshes their records once a month or less frequently. Or maybe you are using the VPN to mask your IP.

How do I fix the wrong IP geolocation?

Suppose the IP location lookup tool is displaying the incorrect location of your IP. In that case, the process of requesting a location correction is simple. For that, contact the geolocation providers. Here are the few links

Wait for the geolocation provider to approve your request. Once your request is approved, it usually takes a month or more to highlight that correction. But that varies from provider to provider.